Boundaries For Your Soul

I am super excited about leading a small group this summer based on this book! 

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Now back to focusing on the book Boundaries For Your Soul! 

If you want to know why I am so pumped about leading this small group, allow me a moment to share how I found this amazing book.

It was an accident... a coincidence... in other words, it was totally God.

My word for 2019 is "Boundaries." because I realized that I was not setting good boundaries for myself.

Of course, my first thought was that I needed to set boundaries with other people. I reread Boundaries, Boundaries in Marriage, and Boundaries with Teens by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. However, the more I prayed I just knew I was missing something. There was something more to it than just knowing when to yes and when to say no to other people.

I continued to pray and ask for guidance. My preference for getting answers would be large writings in the sky from God. Perhaps, Joyce Meyer and Steven Furtick saying in the middle of one their sermons, "Monica, the answer is..." You know, practical and perfectly reasonable types of divine interventions like those. 👀
(I know, I know, but really... am I alone in having these thoughts?)

Ok, so no, none of that. Instead, God spoke to me through a friend as she shared her heart at a small group. She simply said, "Physically I feel fine, but God showed me that my soul needs rest." I immediately knew there was something in that for me. I still didn't know what it was, but I had a direction and I began to pray about what it would look like to find rest for my soul. That night on the YouVersion Bible app I searched for a devotional about "Boundaries." This is where I found Boundaries for Your Soul.

I didn't even read the devotional (Sorry, Alison and Kimberly but the next part makes up for it 😊), I went straight to buy the Audiobook. I listened to it twice then bought the paperback and went through it again with the study guide provided by Alison Cook online for FREE (get the study guide & other resources here).

I learned the reason I am not good with boundaries with others is that I am struggling with boundaries within myself. One part of me knows I need to take care of myself, another part gives me a guilt-trip about not helping others, and another part just wants to take a nap or go have some fun. 

The struggle between these parts is why my soul is not at rest.

Join me in discovering how to turn your overwhelming thoughts and feelings into your greatest allies and find rest for your soul. 

Buy your copy of Boundaries for Your Soul today! If you are local to Spanish Fort, please join us this summer on Mondays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. CLICK HERE to register for the group.

*For more on boundaries, you may also enjoy Boundaries with Kids, Boundaries in Dating, and Boundaries For Leaders as well a number of other titles on the subject by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.